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I opened my email today to realize that...


By that person who's fb I've linked. Maybe his/her (God knows if it's a tranny or not) account has been hacked into too, but if that was the case, why would it go to that person's account? Thank goodness it's only a small amount of SGD$20, and paypal is doing some security check right now. Hopefully I get the results soon.

Maybe this was because I trusted Paypal too much, or I had a relatively easy to guess password. Or maybe technology in Vietnam is booming. For all I know, the person could've been having some difficulties like being in debt for having that transgender operation and having $20 would make 'it' a millionaire. Gosh, the person has an uncanny resemblance to Pt.

Right now, I'm just worried about how to de-link my mother's Amex card from my account, and change my password if possible.

Sobs. The amount of credits I could've gotten on MHC with that amount of money! Now I just wonder how I'm going to sell my BJDs to fund my riding expenses. Oh woe is me.


Repitilian Reaction

Excuse me while I'm on an alliterating roll here. Credits to avatar creator again.

Today I spent my time after AC games at the stables. TBH, I disliked AC games since they turned out to be quite provocative, not encouraging that good-will camaraderie amongst fellow school mates at all.  But thank you for the effort, SC. ^___^

So anyway, at the stables. IT WAS DARN HOT.
I groomed Bella, the mini pony that was the size of a golden retriever, Shane, who had bad dandruff but was a good guy (he doesn't like one of the stable hands I guess), and Coconut, whose burn mark (which is usually abbrevations of the horse's name) is actually the silhouette of 2 coconut trees. He refused to lift his hoof up for me, so in the end I didn't clean them out. Later Mr B and Maria came and we joked about for bit. Apparently Bella was in heat because all the stallions were neighing as we walked her past their block. Maria and I groomed MC after that and got a few ponies out for medicine. We got Ben ready for his lesson with an advance rider. Wish I was an advance rider, so that when I lease him (if I do), I won't be wasting my time. I might be doing pony rides for the next weekend, so if y'all are free, COME DOWN FOR A RIDE~~~

By the time I was done, I was dead beat.

But I had that vet volunteering thing at night, which kinda sucked. You know you try to fit in, but the rest don't want you to fit in, so you give that pained laugh. The only ones that I can really talk to there is a nice guy called James and well.. the animals. When you ask a question, you get brushed aside brusquely. When you try to help, you're told to just shut up or be a nuisance. Soooo.. I just went to take down names of medicine which I'll study by myself. You know you have to face these kind of people when you work, but I just don't get that kind of feeling at the stables. I didn't fit in at first, but people there are friendly.

Or maybe it's just me, but I think I'm actually quite accepting.

I'm going to ask Mrs S for a job attachment at the stables, that I way I won't have to deal with space constraints.

Maria and I have a common goal now : to go to Europe for trail riding activities 8Dv

Warzone within

Credits go to avatar creator for the lovely avatar~

Just wanna let you depressed guys out there know, MY PROMOS RESULTS ARE GONERS~~ ^___^ Excuse me while I wander through limbo. The education system has brainwashed me into thinking that thoughtless calculations is the only sure-fire way to pass.

I've been arriving home in the past 3 days feeling deadbeat and sore, but people still wonder where I get all my energy from. It's from being a bum 8Dv.

So anyway, I've finally found a wonderful CIP opportunity for myself - volunteering at Gallop Stables, which is what I've been doing for the past 2 days. It's good to have an instructor who has the same interests as you do.

Yesterday I met two other volunteers who are, despite being 5 years younger then I am, are advanced riders. They tried to teach me the canter with a pony who hasn't been out for a very long time. Well, they got thrown off, and Jimmy (the pony) started galloping around us. By the time the girls got back on again after lungeing, he was already quite tired.

So today I was assigned a stallion to groom, who started getting excited after meeting the mare my friend was grooming. Thank goodness he was a pony.  I got to groom Ben after luring him away from his lunch, and Bella, who was the size of a Golden Retriever. Maria came and she test-rode Bob (the number of horses available for lessons are running out ), and we gave him a bath after that.

Sigh, there are AC games tomorrow, and I don't really feel up to it.:/


Pent up frustration

I don't know why I'm frustrated. No, it's not because Promos draws near, nor is it Blackjack or riding or friends. Must be some hormonal thing. Today I've felt like snapping at my friends for about 17 times, an unhealthy number for one who has not undergone  post-natal depression. And no, I just ended my monthlies, thank you.

I think it must be my misanthropic side again, to blame humans and all their harmful devices. Of course, humans have made wonderful things as well, mainly because we need them. But if there are no humans, there would be no need to invent all these.

I believe I've asked this before: " why are humans the only superior species in terms of brainpower?" or something along those lines. No, don't tell me about evolution. >_______>

Anyway, I just realised how deprived my childhood was. Kids in Europe are watching these wonderful and claymation/ sand-animation/ don't know what you call them.

Here are some~

Ahahah Mio Mao is so cute. It's just amazing how many shots they had to take just to make 1 5-minute episode.


This one is Quaqquao, an origami duck. The songs are just weird but catchy 8Dv. I like how they speak cute gibberish ohoho~


AEIOU is done on sand. Apparently it's about a little sand-boy who goes around 'attacking' with his violin? A bit confusing, but the storyline should be easy to get~

I would upload a video of my riding  lessons here, but photobucket hates me. ^_____^

There's no 'bummed' mood in the mood scroll-list. :/


Alzheimer's Disease

Why do I keep forgetting I have an LJ to update.

Anyway, here I am pondering on what to do with excess paypal money, because first of all, I have about USD$1.2k stuck in the form of resin and what those sells, the money will be in my account. OFC, other than spending the money to buy credits on MHC (some online virtual riding game 8Dv), there are dollie stuff, but I'm thinking on going on hiatus on BJDs. Don't worry, I still love Dela and Draguna and Tenessa very muchly, and I do need to expand Dela's harem~ *kiddingz* Right now the exchange rate is really low, so I'll prolly have to sell my USD off at 1.4. Saddening much?

I really, really want to ride, but after that fall from Gajah, my mom is freaked and my dad.. well, it's just the money-thing. I've been thinking about leasing a horse for the december holidays, but it'll be impractical if I do choose to go to Bali to ride instead. I hardly doubt that I'll do any of these anyway, since my riding skillz are non-existant~

The Japan and Korean scene just isn't working for me. Right now I prefer American Series; less depth and more action, plus the series I watch is oh-so-gory 8Dv But the actors are so much more...masculine ^___^ k, I shall not judge.

Promos is coming~ and I don't give a damn.

Also, Blackjack will be attending obedience classes. I think I have to enroll a certain poodle as well~


Tickle my funny bone.



Well, it has been about 2 months since I last posted here. So many things have happened, but believe me, it's still the same old boring life. K maybe not.

Here's a brief outline on what has happened thus far:
-got a new spiritdoll V2 male body~~ with all those spare peens too. No idea what to do with them though.
-got a head for my EID body too. Painted it white. I'm considering selling him though, since I don't like the posability.
-Started riding again at Gallop Stables. At least they're flexible with timings. The horses are a tad frisky. I fell off Gajah 2 weeks ago, and got a few bad bruises.
-Blackjack's hitting adolescence. SIGHHH what turbulent times.
-Hooked on True Blood the TV series. 8Dv

I have alot of photos to post, but ever since my photoshop died, I'm not so keen on editting them. Stay tuned~



Mambo no. 5

"..A little bit of you makes me a man."

Caffeined-poweredCollapse )

Four-legged and furry

My house is currently residence to:
-2 rabbits
-2 fighting fishes
-5 humans (1 of which is currently not in residence)
-1 hamster


Ofc, it's not here yet. Still have vaccinations and what not. It amazes me that humans are injecting man made fluids into animals when long ago, they thrived without having any. Ofc, it's for a better standard of living (with all the diseases that comes part and parcel with animals), and as I do want to become a practicing vet in future, I ought not to complain.

Anyway, I got an Italian Greyhound, because they don't allow Great Danes to be kept in HDB flats. I dislike the extremely furry kind, those with horrid bad breath and well...looks clumsy. Take that back, I do like them, only not as my own. Now you see why I prefer horses to chimps.
He'll most likely be here in June. I'm trying to think of a name for him. Wolfram? Wolfe for short. Or Red Rum, named after the legendary race horse who set a new world record, and because my Iggy's coat color is red/ white.

Usually when you go into a petshop, you see a puppy and you immediately say, that's exactly what I want. Unfortunately I'm not that kind. I initially wanted a Mini Pin., but after looking at how yappy my cousin's one was, I decided against it. Then there was the Cavalier King C and the mini poodle. Once again, bad breath, grooming, fur shedding. Iggy's are basically feline canines. They prefer the sofa to a chew toy, and are generally quiet.

Perfect for my mother. 8Dv Not that she knows.


My brother's being an unnecessary pain by wanting me to accept his girlfriend as a guide. If I were rude, I would decline. Ofc, I was polite. That is the protocol of being strangers.

I have an equestrian riding test on Tuesday, and it shudders me to think of what they could test 5 people for in the short span of 30 minutes. Apparently the Beginner's Course wasn't enough. I don't want to end up in Novice courses, 'cos their only available classes are on days when my school ends late.

I miss WAO. *sniffs*

There's nothing about school to talk about, except that holidays are in 2. Bloody. Weeks.