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I feel sorta drug-addled right now. It's 2am in the morning and the air con's freezing. It's a challenge to type on an iPad when you've got less-than-lubricated joints. Nonetheless, I feel obligated to update my journal.

For once life doesn't revolve around riding, period. Now a days I find myself poring over Charlaine Harris's vampire novels. I can't wait for the next season to come out, as messy as the plot is. Of course, this means I've neglected my studies as well, but then again, my results were the same regardless of how well I studied and prepared for them tests. I owe it all to Lady Fate.

I also got that lovely Victorian ball gown for Dela and a pirate, gallant-hero-ish outfit for Draguna, my resin children, in case you've forgotten. The dress itself was a 3 figure some, but that's what paypal funds are lying around for, right? So they came in the mail, in a suspicious cardboard box, which I deftly told my dad that I was helping a friend order some stuff. I got a pair of feet, a wig, shoes and gloves for them kids too.

As far as riding goes, I feel like a lazy ass for not working out. But I'm feeling rather tired of pretending to be courageous. I can't exactly say I'm fine when my ride spooks or bucks me off, since there is a risk. While it may be good in aiding as a boost for my confidence, I guess it all boils down to having it all come to you in moderation. No, the horses there aren't bad, but they've got high prey characteristics that just can't be eroded so easily. Of course, you get the once-in-a-blue-moon recalcitrant one.

So anyway, I'll be indulging myself on online retail therapy. Those paypal funds are still available, just so you online shoppers out there know~