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So anyway dear friends, today I visited Amigos Horse Riding Ranch again, since it has become one of my favourite places to ride. Sadly it was only a day trip, due to the fact that I lack the infinite amount of time, though financial-wise, I've got it covered.

The traffic into Johore was smooth and fast, and we took only about 30 minutes to get there. We scheduled our pickup to be at 9.30am, so apparently we were 1 hour early. We set down to have some coffee and breakfast. Then we got a ride to the ranch, which turned out to be empty when we got there. It seemed that the owner had a few customers and they were out on a trail ride. Left back at the ranch was Z.Z., Ocho, Marshall , Royale and Hachiko.

Soon, the trail group came back, and apparently the customers were 2 Singaporeans (one has a horse in Europe, I am jealous D:<). THey left soon after that. Then I got to ride Torres, which I didn't have a chance to ride in the previous trip. I couldn't ride him in the huge arena though, since he has a notorious reputation of being speedy. So I rode in the the ring instead. He was strong, though not like Ziba, so I had to control him quite a bit. I started out with a quite-okay posting trot, until Mos told me to do sitting, then I started bouncing. I. Do.Not. Like. The. Sitting. Trot.

And then I cantered . 8DDDDDD

Not exactly my first time cantering, but I did canter quite a bit. It was a tad scary, since the prelude to a canter was a very bouncy trot, which I had to sit. Mos was right behind cracking a whip, while I was shouting "canter! canter!", probably scaring all the chickens and dogs around.

We stopped for lunch at the resort, where we bummed about. I quite like the resort food. It's similar to Singapore's local dishes, but the flavour and aftertaste is different. Later we dragged ourselves back expecting a much lax  lesson.

Nope, this time I cantered much more. I got the stitches, and a nifty glove tan. Torres was the only horse which didn't like carrots there. He nibbled a bit, then spat it out. But anyway, cantering was so much fun, especially when the wind is whipping in your face and you're in sync with the horse's movement.

Torres also knew when time was up, and when it was, he kept stopping by the gate. After tacking off, he walked right beside me to the shower bay, without me even having to put a lead rope on me, he was much like a dog. Beauty came to queue for his turn as well, much to the disapproval of Torres who pinned his ears at Beauty.

So after chatting and watching the 5 puppies, Idris came and sent us to the taxi stand, which had a long queue. We could've gone shopping with the time we waited, but by the time I got back home, it was only 8.30pm, which wasn't too bad.

Sigh, I just can't wait to go again~