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Holidays forever please

I'm being quite illogical now, since I spent most of my afternoon talking to four legged creatures and convincing a few people that I'm totally not into 'aromatherapy'. >_____>

Babbit came over for a shoot for our girl dolls. OOHOHO the female dominance, I just love it. So anyway, we spent a ridiculous $29 on getting a lantern in ikea which we have no other use for just for our shoot. It's about captive fairies and how big, bad Draguna plays the antoganists's role. It was about 5 hours of preparation and shooting altogether, with Babbit bombarding me with all her bombastic words, I can just feel my cerebral crannies filling up to bursting point. Then we beat Ikea's closing time and managed to get a meal of meatballs at about 9.30pm.

So anyway, photos will be up as soon as I get photoshop installed into my laptop. After 6 months or so not taking doll photos, I have to say my skills are going rusty. If I had any to begin with.
I've got a job attachment at the stables (did I mention this before?) and so far it's been quite eventful. ^_____^ With all the regular horses sick and lame and whatnot, we had to take out others to ride. I was given Kiwi (a young gelding perhaps) to ride once and he got all spooked. I rode Kofi, a pony (ponies are the bane of my existence. Their craftiness can certainly beat a fox's), and got bucked off. One of my only times I rode a pony.

Then we have the escape cases.. Trojan and chomel, who are quite..voracious ponies, would often sneak out of their stall and go nip other horses. We get Kimmie, the wonderful all-rounder, who leads everybody on a wild goose chase and then trots back happily to her stall by herself.

I guess I really have to thank the owners, the instructors and my parents for letting me work there. I get to interact with both horses and people. After all, we provide a service. And all the cute little caucasian kids that go there for lessons~~

Anyway, I'll be away for some time in December- I'm going on a riding trip with my instructor! ^___^

Until next time~


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Dec. 2nd, 2010 06:02 am (UTC)
oh yes!!! Would love to see the pictures! *A*
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