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Oh Lord, it's been centuries since I've posted here. I keep forgetting I have a journal. Alzheimer's much?

Everything is nice and jolly, holidays are here, animals are here, disasters are here and it's soon to be 2 years till the end of the world! ^_______^

Anyway, I've been spending my time at the stables once again~ Ohoho so fun. I rode AWOL while in the rain till I was soaked to the skin. After that Maria and I went around creating little puddles wherever we went because we were very much drenched. I had ponds in my boots and every single thing of my riding equipment was wet, including my lead rope and grooming kit. After that I managed to ride Kiwi, who was always frisky when I took him out for grooming and excercise.

Okay, but you don't want to hear that.

I'm just depressed that...

ZENYATTA LOST TO BLAME IN THE BREEDERS' CUP!!! Zenyatta, the wonderful mare who I love, next to Seabiscuit, ofc.

K, you don't want to hear that either.

There's holiday homework to do, and it's not helping when you're worried about your family.


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